The answer is quite simple.  The Government has committed, under the Climate Change Act of 2008 to ensure that 15% of our energy is produced through renewable means by 2020. In order to ensure these targets are met they are using a combination of carrot and stick.

The stick includes the CCL (Climate Change Levy) on businesses that use fossil fuels for heating as well as energy reduction targets, compulsory energy audits etc.

About the Renewable Heat Incentive | Biomass Pellets

About the Renewable Heat Incentive | Biomass Pellets

The carrot on the other hand is a financial incentive, the RHI, paid to the first businesses that are forward thinking and switch to heat produced by biomass. This incentive has been in place for some months and as the uptake grows the starting rate will decrease for those yet to switch.

On commissioning your boiler(s) the RHI is paid quarterly for 20 years and is calculated on the kWh’s of heat you use.

The rate per kWh which is index linked is dependent on the size of the boiler you install but there are various other terms, conditions and exclusions. Please contact us for a free indicative quote based on your individual site circumstances.

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