Local production and local consumption make the Mi-Generation approach a truly green renewable energy model.
We can supply sustainable wood pellets to commercial customers across Devon and Cornwall.

What’s great about our woodchip pellets:

Many of the pellets used in the UK are imported from the continent or transported long distances from large scale pellet plants around the country, so the act of distribution eliminates the potential benefits of reduced CO2 emmissions.

The Mi-Generation ‘micro pellet plant’ model keeps production and consumption local, utilising local clean wood waste that would otherwise have gone to landfill.

Good quality pellets are the single most important factor in a boilers reliability and productivity. A high calorific value coupled with minimum dust makes for a good energy source and minimum waste.

Pellets need to be handled correctly from production right through to delivery to ensure they enter the boiler as intact fuel. Effective extraction at the point of production, coupled with delivery blown at the correct speed into the hopper by a lorry fitted with extraction hoses will ensure minimum dust in storage.

At Mi-Generation we choose to control the process from production right through to delivery to ensure the quality of fuel entering our boilers is of the highest standard.

Biomass Woodchip Pellets | Biomass Pellets
Biomass Woodchip Pellets | Biomass Pellets

That way we can ensure we supply the best quality fuel
Biomass Woodchip Pellets | Biomass PelletsAnd shipped to our customers!
Biomass Woodchip Pellets | Biomass PelletsWhich is turned into pellets in our processing plant
Biomass Woodchip Pellets | Biomass PelletsOur fuel is produced from wood waste