Organic Cornish Farm

Organic Cornish Farm | Biomass Pellets

Organic Cornish Farm | Biomass Pellets

Organic Cornish Farm | Biomass Pellets

A small working Cornish organic and sustainable farm perched on the beautiful southern tip of Cornwall. The 125-strong herd of Jersey cows produces 450,000 litres of milk which is used in the production of organic ice cream, fudge and yoghurts.

The owners have had a long held ambition to produce all their energy requirements using renewable energy and approached Mi-Generation for a biomass steam boiler to replace their current costly and ageing oil steam boiler. As well as the financial advantages, the renewable and sustainable aspect of the project also enhances their existing wholesome environmental product image.

A deciding factor for the management at Roskilly’s in using Mi-Generation was their confidence in the engineering and technical ability of the engineers to
install a bespoke installation on time and at cost.

Mi-Generations were able to offer their exclusive Bidragon range steam boiler. The 750kW, 1 tonne boiler installation will return an anticipated fuel saving of 38%, a C02 saving of 86 tonnes per year and a payback period on the capital cost of 5 years.

Project Details

  • Installation Cost : £100,000
  • Annual Return on Investment: 21%
  • Payback Period: 5 years